Governors’ Details


Name Category Appointed by Term of Office (no. of years & end date) Committee membership Responsibilities Voting Rights (if Associate Member) Leave Date
Mr Ged Owens Foundation Diocese 4 22/6/19 Personnel & Pay Chair of Governors Chair of Admissions    
Mrs Paula Dix Headteacher       All      
Mrs Clare Gallagher Co-opted GB 4 17/7/16 Personnel & Pay Chair of Personnel & Pay Child protection governor Single Equalities governor Looked after children governor Training Liason Safeguarding/Prevent governor    
Fr Christopher Heaps Foundation Diocese 4 31/8/19 Finance & Buildings      
Dr Anne Hordley Foundation Diocese 4 30/9/18 Curriculum & Standards Personnel & Pay      
Mrs Carol Majewski Staff GB     1/10/15 Admissions Finance & Buildings Pandas      
Mrs Catherine Moss Foundation Diocese 4 5/1/18 Admissions Curriculum & Standards Pandas Chair of Curriculum and Standards SEN governor   Outcome for Pupils governors    
Dr Sara Oliver Foundation Diocese 4 22/6/19 Curriculum & Standards  Religious Education governor    
Mr Richard Parkin Foundation Diocese 4 23/7/18 Chair of Finance & Buildings Chair of Finance & Buildings   Diocesan Building Fund    
Bryony Dalgleish Associate GB     Personnel & Pay   None  
Vicky Collis Parent Diocese 4 17/7/20 Curriculum & Standards      
Lucy Lagerweij Parent Diocese 4 31/8/20 Curriculum & Standards      
Ian Rainsford Foundation GB 4 31/8/20       July 2017
Mr Robert Wilkinson Local Authority Local Authority 4 15/6/19 Finance & Buildings H&S governor   School Grounds governor   March 2018

  Register of Governors’ Interests (Sept 2017)

Name Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Entry/Review
Mrs Paula Dix    ·         Social relationships with some staff   ·         Vicky Ryan dog sits on occasion 05/10/16
Mrs Clare Gallagher    ·        Social relationships with parents through children or ex-childminding children ·         Own children at the school 09/12/16
Fr Christopher Heaps  ·        Governor at Salesian College   05/12/16
Dr Anne Hordley   ·         Grandson applying for YR place for Sept 17 05/12/16
Mrs Carol Majewski ·         Husband audits the building fund ·         Co-chair and member of panda’s management committee  ·         Social relationships with some staff 14/10/16
Mrs Catherine Moss ·         Member of Panda’s management committee ·         Childminder to children at the school ·         Has children who attend the school ·         Communion group at OLHC 12/12/16
Dr Sara Oliver NIL    
Mr Ged Owens ·         Headteacher of Salesian College ·        Governor at Salesian College    01/09/16
Mr Richard Parkin ·         Wife is employed at the school  ·        Has children at the school 05/12/16
Mrs Vicky Collis ·         Usbourne Books – sells goods at school fairs ·         Has child at the school 05/12/16
Mrs Lucy Lagerweij    ·        Has children at the school  11/02/17
Mrs Bryony Dalgleish NIL